Northern Copperhead



 Photo credit: John White


The Northern Copperhead snake is copper, orange or pinkish in color. It has dark colored bands across its body. It can be between 24 ans 36 inches long. They got their name from the copper-like coloring from their head. It lives near rocky wooded hillsides, coastal flatwoods and swamp edges. The Nothern Copperhead eats small rodents, small birds, insects, lizards and frogs. It is a poisonous snake. It is not an endangered snake in Ohio. It does not lay eggs. It gives birth to 4-6 live young. The babies are born with fangs and they have venom. The Copperhead's predators are owls, hawks, opossums and racoons. They are diurnal snakes, except in the summer when they become nocturnal to hunt prey and escape the daytime sun. They are usually quiet and would rather run away then fight.


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