Bicycle Paragraph


            For me, bicycling has always been a way to spend time with my family in a way that is both fun and provides great exercise.  A few Sundays every summer and fall my dad loads up the bikes onto the bike rack and we go down to Lock 39 on the towpath.  The towpath trail is a bike trail that goes through the metroparks about 30 minutes south of here by car.  The trail was once used by the horses that would pull the canal boats up or down the canal to Cleveland or the Ohio River.  Today, with the advent of planes, trains and cars, the canal and the towpath are no longer used for transportation and the towpath is now a bike trail.  The towpath is unique because its surface is made of a fine white gravel that makes it slightly more difficult to ride on than asphalt.  It is also very flat since it was once used by horses to pull canal boats.  My family and I usually ride about fourteen miles down the trail to a town called Peninsula where we usually stop to have lunch at the Winking Lizard.  Then we begin the grueling journey back up the white dusty trail to lock 39 where we began.  These great experiences every summer have inspired me to do my calculator picture of a bicycle.